Mezzanines, loft beds and bunk beds designed for the home

Renovate your bedroom!

Loft beds for a more functional space.

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High ceilings?

Make the most of your space with a mezzanine!

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How to make the most of every square metre of your home?

In our daily lives, we are faced with the challenge of making the most of every square metre in our houses or apartments. Don't worry, we have solutions for you!

At Tecrostar, you can find mezzanines from 2 m² and up, which are perfect for any type of small space, whether it is a small bedroom, living room or storage room. You will be able to make the most of every corner of your home, freeing up the floor that was previously occupied, so you will have a new space to live, work or store your things!

Our mezzanines and loft beds adapt to different heights and sizes thanks to their modular and telescopic design. With these structures, you can create a single bunk bed in a child’s room or a double bed on a second level. You can also create additional storage areas, which will help you to keep your home tidy and organised. The free space underneath the loft bed can be converted into a passageway, a desk or work area, a children's play area or even a dressing room.

Are you worried about the safety of sleeping on a mezzanine?

With our railings, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is assured. Whether you're looking for railings for loft beds, bunk beds or mezzanines, we offer solutions that combine functionality and style to protect the whole family.

Remember that there is no single formula for optimising space at home. The most important thing is to be creative, adapt it to your needs and lifestyle, and enjoy the process of transforming your home.

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