Straight stairs
Straight stairs

Straight stairs

The Straight stairs are  height-adjustable stairs suitable for access to the frame structure. They can also be used in other places, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.

If the stairs are set up on the inside of the mezzanine structure they will not extend laterally beyond the structure's frame. They can also be installed on any of the four sides, in parallel to the structure with a landing or perpendicular to the mezzanine.

The stairs can be turned upwards to permit free space below.

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    What types of stairs are there in

    You can choose between several types of stairs:

    • Straight stairs

    • Spiral stairs

    • Ladders

    • Retractable ladders

    • Alternating tread stairs

    Where can I put the stairs?

    The stairs can be placed in different positions, increasing the possible configurations

    Case 1: Exterior stairs, perpendicular to the mezzanine.

    Case 2: Interior stairs. You will need a beam for interior stairs.

    Case 3: Exterior stairs, parallel to the mezzanine. You will need a stair landing.

    Case 4: A different placement to our mezzanines.

    Are the stairs compatible with different ranges?

    Yes, provided that the height matches. All our stairs can be located in any of our structures. As the structures, the stairs are height-adjustable. We have several different types of stairs, to ensure the height compatibility with the selected mezzanine.

    Can the stairs be placed outdoors?

    Yes, our products can be installed outdoors, although you should bear in mind a series of special considerations and carry out maintenance of the material to guarantee that they are in good condition. See this section for more details

    Can the stairs be anchored to a mezzanine or construction wall?

    Yes. They can be installed on a surface that is not a Tecrostar surface. The customer must bear in mind that they are responsible for the strength of the joint and structure to which they are anchored.

    How are the stairs anchored to the top?

    If you need to anchor the stairs to a structure that is not a Tecrostar structure, see the following details about the anchors:

    Anchor A

    References that have this anchor: 30303, 30501, 30401, 31003, 31301, 31102, 35100, 35000, 34001, 30900



    Anclaje B:

    References that have this anchor: 35200, 35300


    Anchor C:

    References that have this anchor: 30601, 30801

    Do they meet the building regulation and can they be used inside a house to access the 2 nd floor?

    It depends on the use. The regulation is for stairs for common use and our stairs are for private use. Our stairs that comply are the 42nd: Long Stair M  and  L Stair

    How can I turn the stairs up to allow the transit underneath them?

    The anchor that joins the stairs to the mezzanine can attach the stairs with 4 or 2 screws. If you choose the configuration of just 2 screws, the stairs can pivot. In any case, the stairs have the same resistance.

    Can the angle of inclination be changed?

    Each model of stairs has an inclination and it cannot be changed unless otherwise stated. You must choose the stairs that best suit your needs.

    Can I add extra steps?

    The stairs include the maximum number of steps that are required in their maximum heights. The more the height is reduced, the less steps will be installed. However, you can acquire additional steps as spare parts, the number of steps is designed according to the inclination of each staircase though. An excessive number of steps would reduce the going available for treading, specially important when going down.

    Can the railing of the stairs be taken off?

    Yes, the railing of both sides of the stairs is removable and, therefore, it can be taken off. However, Tecrostar recommends to install it for security and because they provide rigidity to the stairs as well. On the other hand, the stairs include the railing; it is not possible to acquire them without the railing.

    What are the dimensions and the weight of the stairs package?

    For the orders that include just the stairs, the dimensions of the package are:

    Length: 235cm

    Width: 32cm

    Height: 31cm

    The weight depends on the model of the stairs. Check the product sheet.

    Can the spiral stairs be installed inside the mezzanine?

    Yes. You will have to acquire the beam for interior stairs.

    How much weight do the steps support?

    Check the the table with the specifications of each staircase to get this information.

    Can I buy the stairs with just one side of railing?

    No, you can’t.

    How is it installed?

    To install Tecrostar mezzanines you need 2 adults (they do not need to be DIY experts). It is recommendable to use personal safety equipment like gloves, boots, etc. in order to avoid accidents.

    When installing range L mezzanines you may need to use some type of scaffolding or ladder for working at heights and manual or electric lifting machinery to raise the primary beams, particularly if the structure is more than 3m high. The other ranges can be lifted easily by hand.

    You will need the following tools to install the mezzanines: tape measure, some type of spanner for m10 and m8 bolts and a screwdriver (an electric screwdriver will make the task much easier), spirit level, drill and a tool for cutting the panels (saw, jigsaw, circular saw, etc.)

    You can find all the tools required to assemble it and tested by Tecrostar in the tools section.

    All the models are installed by following these steps:

    Pre-assemble the structure on the floor in the desired area.

    Raise the outer structure to the desired height.

    Finish assembling the structure and floor.

    ¿Se puede contratar el servicio de instalación en mi vivienda? 

    En la mayoría de los casos sí es posible. Nosotros no realizamos ni instalaciones ni presupuestos, pero facilitamos el contacto de empresas de confianza para que el cliente se ponga en contacto con la misma.

    How is the product shipped and received?

    Mezzanines are shipped in boxes by an external company in a lorry with a tail lift that enables the box to be unloaded to the ground (at street level at the customer’s address).

    How do I get the product up to my home?

    Don't be alarmed by the total weight of the product, the components are light and manageable, so you can move them easily and take them up in the lift.  The heaviest components are the primary beams from the L range (39 kg), the rest of the ranges are considerably lighter (12kg).  The floor panels are very light and fit in any lift. No component is more than 2.4m long and therefore, fits in most lifts.

    Can I hire a service to take the material up to my home?

    In most cases, you can.

    Characteristics of the materials

    Tecrostar products are manufactured with the most suitable materials for the proposed technical solutions, combining wood, steel and top quality aluminium.

    • The steels used for beams, columns and other components are fit for structural uses with a high yield strength (S235, S275 or S3555, as required). The pieces are manufactured using maximum precision laser cutting, folding and pressing processes. Next a powder coating is applied and they are baked in the oven, offering maximum adhesion and an outstanding finish.
    • Structure hardware grade 8.8
    • Anodized aluminium apt for outdoor use
    • The wood panels used for the mezzanine flooring can be made of European radiata pine plywood or high density structural chipboard. All the boards are tongue and groove on all four sides to prevent faults and unevenness at the joints of the modules.
    • Other wooden components, such as the steps and parts of the handrails, are made from top quality beech.

    TECRO has earned certification from the AEM, the federation of Spanish materials handling. We have also received a Gold Medal Award of Merit from the INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition), the top award for innovation at the largest Invention Exposition in the USA.

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    How can we know the delivery times of our products?

    Our delivery times are based on historical statistical data related to Tecrostar experience in the last decade. In spite of the difficulty of providing an exact information, you can check here the approximate data in real time.

    Our preparation times of the material can be sometimes affected by:

    • The shortage and speculation around the raw materials.

    • The logistic difficulty that implies a product with great volume and its different configurations. 

    • The bank holidays that paralyze our activity.

    • Personal errors that force us to restart or improve certain processes.

    • We are human!

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Data sheet

Type of productStairs & Ladders
Kind of stairsStraight
CompatibilityMedium, Small
Maximum height above the flooring board (cm)233
Minimum height above the flooring board (cm)173
Available heights above beams (cm)195, 207, 213, 219, 225, 232, 171, 183
Height-adjustable every (cm)6,05
Total maximum load (Kg)150
Material and finish of the handrailsAluminiun Anodized
Material and finish of the postsSteel painted with powder coating
No. of steps8
Measures of the steps (cm)69,3 x 20,5
Incline and shadow54º / The shadow of the stairs is 73% of the height.
Going (cm)20
Height between steps (riser) (cm)28
Material of the stepsEuropean Radiata pine plywood 30 mm thick
Maximum load per step (kg)150
Anchura útil en cm70


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Hi, Do you deliver to ireland ?Also what floor space would be used if the ladder height is 243cm? thank you
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Por el 07 Apr. 2021 (Straight stairs) :

Espectacular escalera!

La escalera ha superado con creces nuestras expectativas tanto en calidad como en diseño. El montaje ha resultado muy sencillo a pesar de que nosotros la hemos instalado directamente sobre un muro de piedra y eso tampoco ha dificultado el proceso. Nuestro agradecimiento a todo el equipo de Tecrostar y particularmente a Laura. Saludos!

Por el 30 Jan. 2021 (Straight stairs) :


Nous cherchions un escalier pour notre studio à Paris afin d'aménager un espace de plus de 10m2 en mezzanine et réaliser un "loft" avec accès sécurisé par un véritable escalier. Nous avons choisi l'escalier TECROSTAR qui permettait d'avoir un recule suffisant correspondant à notre espace. Nous étions un peu inquiets car l'escalier est prévu initialement pour se boulonner à une mezzanine TECROSTAR et non comme chez nous pour prendre appui sur un grand madrier en bois. Nous avons tout de même effectuer la commande et la livraison a été parfaitement exécutée, escalier bien emballé dans un grand carton, livré sur une palette.
Nous n'avons eu aucune difficulté à monter l'escalier ma femme et moi. Tout est bien expliqué et j'ai appelé l'aide en ligne au téléphone avant le montage, toujours des correspondants affables , serviables et s'exprimant bien en Français. Ils m'ont rassurés avant le montage.
Les deux pâtes de maintien ont été fixées dans le madrier avec 3 tirefonds de 60mmX 10mm pour soutenir les poutrelles. La notice était parfaite. Le premier jour nous avons monté l'escalier à deux puis le lendemain les rambardes et garde corps. Franchement, nous sommes emballés du résultat! si nous avons besoin d'un autre escalier pour un autre endroit, nous commanderons un tecrostar. Très bonne qualité et très bon rendu puisque nous voulions un loft style industriel (voir photos).
Deux petites propositions pour améliorer le produit: il conviendrait effectivement comme le proposait un autre client, de prévoir des rondelles crantées de 10mm pour s'assurer d'une meilleure tenue au serrage des boulons. Enfin, je pense que tecrostar devrait prévoir des marches de différentes tailles ( 60cm, 50cm) ce qui permettrait à des personnes ayant de petits espaces, d'effectuer un achat tecrostar sans avoir à recouper les marches car c'est un peu angoissant d'avoir à le faire si on n'a pas déjà monté un escalier tecrostar. Ça serait à refaire aujourd'hui, je découperai mes marches à 50cm et réduirait donc l'espace entre les deux pâtes de maintien sur la poutre de 20cm... car des marches de 70cm dans le studio prennent beaucoup de place et on sait que la place , à Paris, c'est ce qui manque!!!
Mais nous sommes enthousiasmés par les résultats de nos travaux et de la pose de l'escalier!

Por el 10 Dec. 2020 (Straight stairs) :

Nous sommes très satisfaits

Nous sommes tres satisfaits de vos prestations et ne manquerons de vous recommander aupres de notre entourage