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Safety pallet gate

The Safety Pallet Gate, also known as Anti-fall tilting barrier, is a collective security and protection element. Its use is mandatory according to the labour risk prevention regulations. It avoids the people falling while lifting loads to a mezzanine or to any other level.

It works as a rocker: the merchandise is deposited in a position using a forklift and taken away in the other position from inside the mezzanine. This way, one of the railing sides is always closed, avoiding falling to a different level with no need to use harness.

The dimensions of the maximum load to deposit and the dimensions of the gate itself depend on the model, as shown in the main image.

Price 822.00 €
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Double-hinged gate

Hinged door that demarcates the space for the movement and handling of loads. The purpose of the hinged door is similar to a railing which, by opening its doors, allows access to the adjacent space.

It eases the safe movement of loads between surfaces at different heights. Ideal for industrial environments, warehouses and commercial premises. When the door is closed it does not take up extra space.

Available according to the load width (W1): 150, 200 and 300 cm.

Price 531.00 €
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Double-hinged gate with safety zone

The hinged door with safety zone, made of steel, is a protection system for users, pallets and loads. Thanks to the positioning of its additional railings, a specific safety zone is created for loading and unloading. The perfect solution for industrial environments, warehouses, commercial and logistics premises.

Available according to the load width (W1): 150, 200 and 300 cm.

Price 723.00 €
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Our loading gates are designed to withstand continuous use and heavy loads, ensuring extra safety and easy-access to the existing premises. For this reason, we supply a comprehensive range of high-quality products for the protection of these working environments.

You can purchase safety gates and recessed loading areas for warehouses that provide a collective protection system for operatives.

At Mezzanines Online we offer a wide variety of products, from safety pallet gates (or anti-fall barriers) for mezzanines, to loading gates in different capacities and sizes.