Electrical stair lift kit with remote control
Electrical stair lift kit with remote control

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Electrical stair lift kit with remote control

You will be able to lift your stairs in complete safety and hide it at the height of the mezzanine. Thus, the useful area below the mezzanine will increase in a quick, comfortable and classy way. 

It is operated by a remote control which allows lift, lower and stop the stairs at any time. The system stops automatically when the rise and descent is finished, increasing the ease of use. The stairs go up and down in approximately 30 seconds. 

The system is absolutely safe. The motor is blocked in any position even without electric current, so it is impossible that the stairs fall. 

This Electrical Stairs Lift Kit can be installed in the following stairs models, as long as it is placed inside the mezzanines using also the `Beam for interior stairs´.

It is also possible to install it with different stairs configurations, adding some extra pieces or wall fixations. Consult our Technical Department to check which pieces are needed and if it exists the possibility of its installation in different conditions.

Stairs not included.

Everything is checked before the expedition at our facilities.

* Straight Stairs of L range are not compatible with this kit.

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    What stairwell is needed for the electric lift kit?

    The minimum width is 745 mm and the maximum is 1145 mm. The length should be more than 1300 mm.

    Are the accessories compatible with all the mezzanines?

    Yes, they are. Unless otherwise specified in the accesory description.

    Can I hire the installation service at home?

    You can find an installer nearby on the web misterassembler.com.

    This website is foreign to Tecrostar. It puts installers and customers in contact, so the price and the responsibility for the installation are the installer, not Tecrostar.

    How do I get the product up to my home?

    Don't be alarmed by the total weight of the product, the components are light and manageable, so you can move them easily and take them up in the lift.  The heaviest components are the primary beams from the L range (39 kg), the rest of the ranges are considerably lighter (12kg).  The floor panels are very light and fit in any lift. No component is more than 2.4m long and therefore, fits in most lifts.

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Type of productAccessories extra, Stairs & Ladders
Kind of stairsAccesories, Retractable
RangeSmall, Medium
CompatibilitySmall, Medium


Customer questions (2)

I am interested in your stair lift kit and lateral stair. I am building a new home and I will have a loft which I want to access with a disappearing stair case. Since my builder will building the loft to attach the stair to I will only need the stair itself and the lift kit. My loft will be 3.3 meters above the ground floor but I could adjust the landing if necessary to be lower to accommodate a shorter stair. I am located in Tulsa, Oklahoma U.S.A. and understand freight will be expensive. Please advise if your lift kit can handle a stair of this length if it is made of your materials or I have one made here of aluminium.I look forward to your reply.Mark Nagle
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Good morning I locking for Electrical stair lift kit with remote control Can you tell me the size of the kit and if can be attached to small one ? King regards Ilie Smarandache
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