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Surely there is someone around you who have already trusted usCheck out our map to see all the people who have already purchased a Tecrostar Mezzanine through our web. Sales by authorized distributors in Italy, Germany, Singapore and other countries are not included in the map. Please note that there are more pages that show the rest of the world map, you can enlarge it to visualize all our customers.

For those who were the first to trust us, we want to sincerely thank you, and for those of you who are still thinking about getting one of our mezzanines, we assure you that our product will meet your expectations, and we are always willing to help you with any questions whenever you need.

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What our customers are saying:

James Nyman (United Kingdom)“The final product is fantastic and has definitely fulfilled my expectations. I LOVE my T8 kit! I have a small studio flat and was getting fed up with pulling out and putting away a sofa bed every day and night. The T8 kit has given me a small (but perfectly formed) sleeping space and given my flat a new lease of life.

If I were to recommend some changes about the Tecrostar service I would take a look at the information on the website and soften your descriptions which I think would broaden the appeal to a more novice DIYer. "



Iain Tindall  (United Kingdom)“I´m really pleased with  this product. I´m using it as my office in my rope access training centre above the classroom area".(FRANCIA): “Un concepto muy original, fácil y rápido de montar. Las instrucciones son detalladas y, en su caso, el servicio técnico está a la escucha para responder a todas las preguntas. Este producto merece ser conocido! Estoy muy satisfecho con el producto que he comprado!”

(ALEMANIA) Sehr empfehlenswert
Einfacher, schneller und besser geht es nicht und vom Aussehen gar nicht zu Sprechen. Alles genial!

(FRANCIA): “Gran producto, muy buena calidad, muy inteligente realmente asombrado. No hace falta esfuerzo, un mecano para adultos. La instalación es fácil. Si usted tiene la altura del techo y desea ahorrar espacio es realmente ideal.”

What the experts think:


"Tecro-Star provides a formidable service. I had a small technical incident but it was quickly rectified. With regard to the materials, they have an excellent finishing and also the strength of the structure deserve a reward. Very few companies in the market  are capable of providing such a high degree of quality.

Isidor Sánchez de la Blanca

CEO-Managing Partner

Expomark, Design and Space Production


TECRO is a Spanish company that since 1999 has been active in the design, manufacture and marketing of its own patented products. The company specializes in modular structures that allow the optimum use of available space, while taking into account the quality of its products, compliance with regulations and ease installation of its products.





UK Customer service: (+44)  020 3695 5553

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