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Lateral stairs S

The Lateral Stairs can be adjusted in different heights to access to Small Mezzanines. In addition, they can be located in M and L mezzanines provided that the height of both of them is the same. In such occasions, any simple modification in the primary beam will be needed such as additional holes with a domestic drill or cuts to allow the correct assembly.

They can also be used independently in other existing structures thanks to a versatile upper anchoring system.

Railing flank for lateral stairs S

Price 453.00 €

Ladder S

The wooden ladder S is made of high quality beech wood giving a natural look while protecting the wood's surface. The incline of the ladder is 80º. It is compatible with S range. The ladder is adjustable in height. When the height of the structure is equal to or less than 233cm, the ladder can be easily adapted cutting their stringpieces along the marks they include. The ladder can be installed on either side of the structure, or even install it inside the structure.

Price 183.00 €

Boat ladder S

The Boat ladder is made of high quality pine plywood with a natural finishing. It has an inclination of 70º and it includes a handrail which ease the ascent and descent. It can be installed at any small structure. It can also be adapted easily at any height, cutting its stringers at the marks disposed in the same ones.

Price 306.00 €
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Truckle Bed Straight Stairs

The Truckle Bed Stairs aese the access to the structure and can be used independently in different locations. These stairs are not height-adjustable, but they can be rotated thanks to their versatile anchoring that allows the access to the objects under the bed.

Made of high-quality materials and easy to install, this straight staircase is available in white colour and can be located in any of the sides perpendicular to the Truckle Bed structure.

Price 136.00 €
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Alternating tread stairs 62º

Alternating tread stairs S have alternating tread steps, with adjustable height, to provide access between the two floors (the same max height as T8 mezzanine). They can be installed on any of the four sides, in parallel to the structure with a S landing or perpendicular to the mezzanine, as well as inside the mezzanine floor.

Price 781.00 €

Straight Stairs

The Straight stairs are height-adjustable stairs suitable for access to the frame structure. They can also be used in other places, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.

Price 645.00 €

Spiral Stairs

The spiral Stairs for mezzanines, are strong and firm stairs made of steel that can be adjustable in height. They are stable and safe.

Price 1,247.00 €

Industrial alternating tread stairs 63º

It has been designed to optimize reduced spaces and to take advantage of the available surface. The industrial Alternating Tread Stairs help to create an open-plan space in an efficient and safe manner.

Based on the American model, Lapeyre, it prioritises the verticality using shallow treads and eases going up and downstairs with packages.

Price 948.00 €
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