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Electrical stair lift kit with remote control

You will be able to lift your stairs in complete safety and hide it at the height of the mezzanine. Thus, the useful area below the mezzanine will increase in a quick, comfortable and classy way.

It is operated by a remote control which allows lift, lower and stop the stairs at any time. The system stops automatically when the rise and descent is finished, increasing the ease of use. The stairs go up and down in approximately 30 seconds.

The system is absolutely safe. The motor is blocked in any position even without electric current, so it is impossible that the stairs fall.

Price 348.00 €

UNO Hanging bracket

Uno Hanging bracket is made of steel with a maximun load capacity of 100kg load. Curved, stylish and simple, it can be installed in the two top holes of any of ours mezzanine beams (screws are included).

Price 2.00 €
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Stair Drawer KIT

Drawer for the use of the space, under the steps of the M and S straight stairs. With this accessory you can enjoy the most of the space available on the rungs of this stair. You can choose the number of drawer installed. Each drawer has a working volume of 19 liters.

The drawers provide to M and S straight stairs a new design and style, as they serve as a decorated riser. Its design is reversible , offering 2 different styles, depending on which side it is placed.

It also permits removing the drawer from the front or behind the stair.

Its installation is very simple , it is placed below of the rungs of the stair M and S straight stairs, or under the mezzanine´s floor.

The kit consists of 2 pieces:

  • A box with overall dimensions of 619 x 180 x 198mm (Length x Width x Height) manufactured in heavy duty cardboard with a 2 color design.
  • A steel tray for supporting the drawer , which is installed below the steps with its same screw holes and bolts, thereby facilitating assembly.
Price 24.00 €
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Rioja Hammock

Rioja Hammock chair is handmade in Spain. It has been designed for your home with high-quality materials and a comfortable structure which adapts to the body. The Hammock chair consists of: hammock’s seat, UNO Hanging bracket and a carabiner.

Price 154.00 €
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Pendant Lamp

Pendant is an attractive and minimalist design lamp for hanging in your mezzanine. The wire is covered with textile material and is available in several colors.

Regular price 11.00 € Price 9.35 €

Magnetic base with hook

With these magnetic bases you can have a hook on any metal part of your mezzanine. Install and relocate the hook without drilling or modifying your mezzanine. You can hang accessories and decoration, for example our Pendant lamps.

Price 4.00 €
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Concealed socket with USB

This socket with USB allows you to increase the electricity grid to the upper side of your mezzanine. It lets us to have a safe and discreet power socket with an easy and quick installation.

Price 79.00 €

Skylight 400x300mm

Allows the light through to the lower part of the mezzanine and it also permits to walk on it.

It is really easy to install. You just have to make a hole in the desired position of the floor of your Tecrostar mezzanine and, after that, place both the frame and the glass.

Price 31.00 €

Wall support for the flooring boards

This extra piece allows to increase the standard flight of the board from 10cm to 30cm. It is used for cases where the loft is far from the wall and we want the board to reach it, in order to make the most of the space and finish the wood against the wall. This piece is fixed to the wall.

Price 18.00 €
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Column Protection

The Column Protection is a security element that protects the columns of the mezzanine against impacts they can receive from the machinery being used near the structure as well as forklifts or pallet trucks.

It is formed by 4 independent pieces that are screwed together, forming a set that surrounds the column for its protection. It is installed around the base plate of the column using concrete anchors. Only two or three pieces can also be installed, for such occasions where the column is against the walls.

Price 141.00 €
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Clover shelf

The Clover shelf - table is a stylish addition to your Tecrostar mezzanine. It is a shelf made of high quality pine plywood that is installed on the pillar by means of metal flanges.

The Clover design fits in with the decorative style of any room. You can use the shelf to keep things tidy or to display decorative items such as books, plants, photographs, candles, artwork and other decorations that complement the overall design of the space. It can also be used as a side table for other activities, or simply to keep the TV remote control close by!

Price 68.00 €
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