Mezzanines M

The mezzanines in this range allow you to create a raised space of between 173 cm and 282 cm in height. Ideal for small and medium-sized projects that require extra strength. Ideal for lounges, garages, halls or commercial spaces.

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Mezzanine TM 7

Metal mezzanine with wooden floor, easy to assemble without works. The Mezzanine TM7 is small, robust and versatile, ideal to double the usable space in rooms with reduced dimensions. Unlike other Tecrostar products, this mezzanine is not as long as the TM10 and not as narrow as the Mezzanine TS5. It supports 1.400 kg and can be combined with the staircases and accessories of the same range.

The Mezzanine TM7 is ideal to make the most of spaces with small dimensions and high ceilings in houses, commercial premises or garages. This mezzanine allows a total load of 1.400 kg. It has a surface of 7 m² and a resistance of 200 kg/m² with the maximum dimensions; this load capacity increases when reducing the plan dimensions of the structure. Since it is adjustable and removable, it can be easily adapted to any small space with the desired dimension and double the usable surface to make the best use of the room.

Easy to assemble and with no need of works, this mezzanine can be combined with any Tecrostar railing or staircase belonging to the M range. It can be customized with the decorative accessories to get a more comfortable and pleasant space. The mezzanine fixation depends on both its configuration and the features of the space where it is located.

Price 1,633.00 €

Mezzanine TM 10

Versatile, adjustable and adaptable to any surface and need. The metal mezzanine TM 10 is a complete tailored mezzanine suitable for surfaces from 5.5 m² to 10 m². It is longer and narrower than the TM 15 and it resists large weights. Easy assembly with no need of works both for home and business, as well as for professional environments.

Price 1,843.00 €

Mezzanine TM 15

Telescopic metallic mezzanine. It is ideal to double the space of your living room, offices, rooms, studios, playrooms, garages, lofts,…. Whatever your space is, we have a solution for you.

Price 1,998.00 €
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