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A mezzanine, railing and staircase kit is the best choice if you want to get the most benefit out of new rooms. This selection of products has been designed to meet all your expectations.

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Mezzanine with L standard stairs TL 30

It makes the most of big spaces. The full Mezzanine TL 30 creates spaces up to 29m² and has a load bearing capacity up to 5800kg. Its excellent finishes make it the ideal mezzanine for converting an industrial space into an elegant and versatile professional space.

You can install the metal mezzanine TL 30 yourself without construction works, and start using it instantly, as the full TL30 kit comes with all the accessories.

Mezzanine TL 30

L Standard Stairs

L Railing with safety skirting board

Regular price 4,888.00 € Price 4,692.48 €
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