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Accessories for mezzanines


Make the most of your mezzanine and personalise it. It's amazing how many accessories you can find in this section: skylights, lighting, elevation kits, trims, technical improvements, tools... and much more!

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LED panel light with remote control

It only takes one click to light your space. The LED panel light with remote control is installed with magnets, without using special tools, and illuminates any part of your mezzanine in less than a minute.

This recessed lighting with remote control doesn’t need a switch, it just needs to be connected to the mains. In addition, you can control the temperature and the intensity of the light using the remote control to achieve the desired atmosphere at any time.

The LED panel implies a great energy saving as it has a power of 40W and produces 3600 Lumens of brilliance. It can be perfectly located along the beams of Tecrostar mezzanines.

Price 108.00 €
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One LED lamp lighting kit

To make installing your mezzanine lighting system easy, Tecrostar offers you this 1 lamp lighting kit, which includes everything you need to safely install the lighting system in less than five minutes without needing any tools or knowledge of electricity.
With the 1 lamp lighting kit you can easily create a pleasant environment any time of the day and improve the look of your mezzanine using a lighting system that also saves energy and is suitable for any beam layout on Tecrostar mezzanines.
This kit includes:

Price 130.00 €
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Flooring board edge cover

This accessory helps you to cover the edges of your Tecrostar mezzanine flooring boards (S, M and L ranges) and contributes to improve the aesthetics of the structure. It is particularly indicated to cover the cuts of the perimeter boards, that may have irregularities in some occasions.

Price 4.00 €
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50 Hole Plugs

It consists of 50 domed blanking plugs made of plastic to plug unused holes in the beams of the mezzanine. They snap into the holes easily providing a snug fit. Domed blanking plugs are available in black or white.

Price 2.00 €
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50 Bolt Caps

It consists of 50 curved bolt caps made of plastic to cover the bolts and nuts of the mezzanine. They are easily placed and get well fixed.

Price 7.00 €
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1300w circular saw

1300 w circular saw. Perfect for cutting the Tecrostar floor panels included in our mezzanines.

More robust and safer; it has a blade guard.

Equipped with a stop button for automatic operation. It can cut a bevel of up to 45º and adjust the blade depth.

Includes blade, cutting guide and vacuum cleaner adapter.

*It is advisable to cut the floor panels with a circular saw and use a jigsaw for cutting details in wood.

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Hacksaw and file kit

This kit includes a hacksaw for metal with a top quality 3000 mm long blade and a half round file for metal with a plastic handle. With this kit you have everything you need to cut and adjust our handrails and railings so that they fit in the space you need.

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650w Jigsaw

650w jigsaw, perfect for cutting wood panels up to 65 mm thick.

Light and compact, it guarantees the control and precision necessary for cutting details. With adjustable speed and three blade angles. It can cut a bevel of up to 45º.

Includes blade, cutting guide and vacuum cleaner adapter.

*Tecrostar recommends cutting the floor panels with a circular saw and using a jigsaw for cutting details in wood.

Regular price 60.00 € Price 45.00 €
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Tecrostar Anti-fingerprint cleaner

Keeps metal parts free of fingerprints and dirt. Spray the product directly and rub the surface off with a clean cloth.

It is recommended for the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum and other metals.

It´s a special cleaner for our beams.

It contains 500 ml.

Price 13.00 €
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Electrical stair lift kit with remote control

You will be able to lift your stairs in complete safety and hide it at the height of the mezzanine. Thus, the useful area below the mezzanine will increase in a quick, comfortable and classy way.

It is operated by a remote control which allows lift, lower and stop the stairs at any time. The system stops automatically when the rise and descent is finished, increasing the ease of use. The stairs go up and down in approximately 30 seconds.

The system is absolutely safe. The motor is blocked in any position even without electric current, so it is impossible that the stairs fall.

Price 352.00 €
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KIT Pillar Bases

This kit consists of four 23x23cm square wooden bases that are 18mm thick. You can set up the mezzanine columns on these bases to prevent damaging the floor.

Price 40.00 €
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