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Public Access Stairs 30º

The 30° Public Access stairs, made of steel, are designed in accordance with the French 'ERP' standard, guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort. The riser or vertical surface is closed, preventing objects from falling under the stairs. The inclination is perfect for foot traffic and goods transport, making it the ideal choice for public and commercial spaces.

Price 2,653.00 €
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Standard stairs with landing

The standard stairs with landing are made of resistant steel and non-slip steps. Consisting of two different telescopic flights connected by an intermediate landing, they can be installed to the right, to the left or continuously.

Follow the steps to find out which configuration you need, and then simply add it to your cart!

Price 1,839.00 €
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Standard Stairs

The standard staircase is the most versatile and customisable. You can install it in different environments and choose the colour, handrail finish and steps. Its comfortable incline makes it easy to climb up and down or carry loads and it has handrails on both sides for safe use.

Price 913.00 €
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