What does the kit include?

Tecrostar mezzanines and stairs are supplied with everything you need to install the kit at its maximum surface area or height.

  • All the beams and columns
  • The floor panels
  • All the nuts and bolts
  • Wall anchors
  • Assembly manual
  • Anchors for anchoring the columns to the floor

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Is it a customised mezzanine? How does the Tecrostar system work?

No, it is not a customised mezzanine but its telescopic design enables an almost customised finish. This system is length, width and height adjustable, achieving the preferred measurements.

A: adjustable every 6 cm

B: adjustable every 10 cm

C: adjustable every 10 cm

Do I have technical support for my project?

Our technical team can facilitate you the task. Send us a sketch with your idea and we will develop 2d or 3d plans in order to see how it will be. Click here to contact us.

Can I order a complete kit by changing its content?

In our shop, we offer two combinations: kits and packs.

In the case of the kits, you can choose the colour of the structure and the railings handrail .

In the packs we have carefully selected a combination of products that we believe will offer you a complete and convenient experience without the need to make additional choices. Therefore, the products in the packs cannot be changed.  

Can someone come to measure or advise me?

We do not currently offer an on-site measurement service. However, we recommend you explore the Mr Assembler website, where you can find assemblers who do offer this service. In addition, their platform allows you to hire an assembly service for the products you need.

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