Do I have technical support for my project?

Our technical team can facilitate you the task. Send us a sketch with your idea and we will develop 2d or 3d plans in order to see how it will be. Click here to contact us.

Can someone come to measure or advise me?

We do not currently offer an on-site measurement service. However, we recommend you explore the Mr Assembler website, where you can find assemblers who do offer this service. In addition, their platform allows you to hire an assembly service for the products you need.

Can I install a Tecrostar product making modifications of it?

You can make aesthetic modifications, but any structural modification non approved by Tecrostar will be under customer’s responsibility.

Waterproof treatment of Steel

Is it necessary to protect the mezzanine against the fire?

Fire resistance of the materials included in Tecrostar Mezzanines

Tecrostar mezzanines are formed by several pieces of different materials and coatings, therefore the classification of the fire resistance (reaction to fire) is different depending on the material. This fire reaction classification of the construction products and building elements is defined in the european standard EN 13501-1, commonly called Euroclasses.

The classification of each material type used in Tecrostar mezzanines is indicated down below:

Steel pieces without treatment


Steel pieces black-painted 9005 (polyester powder paint)


Steel pieces white-painted 9010 (polyester powder paint)


Boards of the supporting floor. Plywood board for structural usage CE2+ (UNE-EN 13986)




Fire Stability of Tecrostar Mezzanines

Tecrostar metallic mezzanines have a bearing structure formed by columns, steel primary beams and steel secondary beams, as well as steel connectors and screws made of steel too. This structure is not endowed with neither any type of passive protection nor intumescent treatment. Because of that, a fire stability greater than the one provided by the steel on its own is not guaranteed (no longer than 10 minutes, according to the literature related to steel construction).

The fire stability requirement of a mezzanine during a certain time will be determined by the usage of it (above and under it). It is the responsibility of the owner to comply with the current legislation applicable in the town where the mezzanine is located. Depending on whether the mezzanine is installed in an industrial environment or in a domestic atmosphere, on its size, location, etc. the regulation can or not demand a certain fire stability to that bearing structure.

You can consult with Tecrostar technical department for further information.

Do I have to ask for a building permit or license to assemble my mezzanine?

No, you don’t. Our products are completely removable and reusable, therefore, they are considered as PERSONAL PROPERTY.

The mezzanines with an industrial usage require neither a building license for their assembly nor meeting the maximum constructed surface limits of the pavillion. As they are removable and hence personal property, they are subject to the same legal regime as the machinery, the racks, the vehicles, etc.

Can I install Tecrostar products outdoors?

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