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Loft Bed railing

Modular railing made of steel and top-quality beech wood with a natural finish, ideal for installations where there is not enough space in height and a railing is required. This railing is very practical for placing a bed on top of a Tecrostar mezzanine.

Price 156.00 €
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Loft Bed Railing Extension

This extension is added to a pre-installed loft bed railing to extend its length. Both products are compatible as they have the same dimensions. Made top quality steel and beech wood with a natural finish, ideal for those installations where a railing is required but height is reduced.

Price 141.00 €
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Low railing

The adjustable metal railing is a protection device. Its main advantage lies in the possibility of adjusting its height to the needs of each project by means of the telescopic system.

Price 108.00 €
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Low railing extension

The extension is added to the initial low railing flank to get 2 extra meters length. You can keep on adding as many extensions as needed to cover the desired length. You can include the corner elbows of handrail to join 2 different sides of the mezzanine.

Its features are the exact same as the low railing. Easy to install on any Tecrostar mezzanine or platform without works.

Price 86.00 €
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