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A mezzanine, railing and staircase kit is the best choice if you want to get the most benefit out of new rooms. This selection of products has been designed to meet all your expectations.

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Industrial Mezzanine Kit TXL 32

This metallic and removable mezzanine allows the storage of heavy loads (for example, pallets up to 500 kg, racks, stackers, safety gates and more useful elements) and enables the movement of hand pallet trucks on it. Its assembly is easy and there is no need of works.

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Industrial Mezzanine XL pack 120 m²

This set formed by the mezzanine and extensions TXL 32, allows to increase the surface extending the total length in the direction of both the primary beams and the secondary ones. With this square extension, the surface of the mezzanine reaches up to 120 m².

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