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A mezzanine, railing and staircase kit is the best choice if you want to get the most benefit out of new rooms. This selection of products has been designed to meet all your expectations.

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Mezzanine with S ladder TS 8

Mezzanine kit with stairs and railing. The perfect option to divide any small room into two: rooms, offices, storage areas...

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Loft bed with lateral stairs TS 8

The perfect combination of the modern mezzanine and the loft bed. A big double bunk bed with free space underneath it. It converts small rooms into comfortable and functional duplexes with two areas, without works or walls.

To install the mezzanine without works no additional accessories are required, as the kit comes with everything you need.

Mezzanine TS 8

Lateral Stairs S

Loft bed railing

Regular price 1,593.00 € Price 1,529.28 €
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