Mezzanines S

The mezzanines in this range allow you to create a raised space of between 160 cm and 233 cm in height. Ideal for domestic use, where small spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, storerooms and garages can gain an additional dimension.

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Mezzanine TS 8

The ideal option to double the available space in rooms and any other location. Turn your stay into a comfortable duplex easily and without works.

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Truckle bed TS 8

It is ideal for small rooms where you want to increase the usable surface. Tecrostar Truckle Bed is a metallic structure, light and easy to install without construction works or modifying the walls.

Unlike the other Tecrostar products, the columns of this structure are not height-adjustable, but it remains versatile since its width and length can be adapted.

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Mezzanine TS 5

Increase the usable surface of a small room with the TS5. Manageable, light and sturdy; this mezzanine allows to take advantage of the space in rooms, storage rooms, balconies and stores.

Price 1,148.00 €

Mezzanine TS 4

It is ideal to make the best of small spaces with high ceilings. The Mezzanine TS 4 is the smallest and most versatile of all Tecrostar ranges.

The surface of the mezzanine varies from 1 m² to 4 m² and it resists up to 700 kg. A comfortable and affordable option to take advantage of the available space in a room or a small business.

Price 857.00 €
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