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Mezzanine parts

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Plywood flooring boards

Plywood board with tongue-and-groove joints in its four sides. It used as the bearing floor of Tecrostar mezzanines, installing it perpendicular to the secondary beams.

Price 126.00 €
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Structural chipboard flooring board

HYDRO structural chipboard (humid environment) with P5 quality seal, tongue and groove on all 4 sides. It is used as the load-bearing floor of Tecrostar industrial mezzanines. To be installed perpendicular to the secondary beams.

Price 174.00 €
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Wall fixation

Wall fixations are used to ensure the lateral stability of the mezzanine floor. If wall fixing is not possible, additional bracing elements must be used.

These are attached to the mezzanine beams and to the wall by means of suitable anchors, depending on the wall material.

Price 9.00 €
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