Full T8 Mezzanine KIT
Full T8 Mezzanine KIT

TS 8 Mezzanine with S ladder

Full metallic mezzanine and wooden floor kit, with no need of works. With its easy and safe assembly, it is ideal to be installed in small spaces dividing any room into two: bedrooms, offices, storage, etc.

The kit includes everything you need to assemble your own tailored metal mezzanine without any work:

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Preguntas y respuestas frecuentes

    What does the kit include?

    Tecrostar mezzanines and stairs are supplied with everything you need to install the kit at its maximum surface area or height.

    • All the beams and columns
    • The floor panels
    • All the nuts and bolts
    • Wall anchors
    • Assembly manual
    • Anchors for anchoring the columns to the floor

    Personalised phone or email service from our specialists

    Is the floor tailored? How does it fit to my dimensions?

    The kit includes as many boards as needed to install the mezzanine in its maximum dimensions. To install the mezzanine in smaller dimensions, it is necessary to cut the boards as it is explained in the installation manual included in the mezzanine kit. Cutting the boards is really easy and all the required tools are available at our online store as well.

    Is there any other alternative to the wooden floor?

    No. Tecrostar does not have a different flooring alternative. However, it is possible to personalize the finish of the floor by adding some accessories on the boards (carpet, platform,...). Check our floor finishes in accessories section. If the customer installs a different floor from the boards provided, it is their responsibility to ensure the resistance of the full mezzanine, since the floor contributes to the stability of the whole.

    Can I have two heights?

    No, you can’t. At the moment, our mezzanines are available just for a single height although some customers install them on another existing mezzanine. In that case, the resistance of the existing one should be checked.

    What load can support the beams if I hang something from them? (E.g. a punching bag)

    It depends on the beam type, we need to calculate the corresponding surface load. For example, a secondary beam TM15 supports around 560 kg. You should take into account that if we apply additional loads, a part of the bearing capacity of the beam is being consumed.

    If you have any doubt about important additional loads, contact our technical department.

    Can I install a Tecrostar mezzanine outdoors?

    TecroStar products can be installed outdoors (in the open), provided that the following considerations are taken into account, which define the structural, environmental and material maintenance calculation conditions.


    Structural Calculation Considerations

    Outdoor installation involves forces due to snow and wind, which depend on the geographical location, altitude of the site, etc. These actions have been taken into account in the calculation, with certain maximum values that must be compared with those of the area where it is installed, to ensure that these limits are not exceeded.

    The value of the snow load corresponding to the zone must be subtracted from the use overload supported by the mezzanine to the dimensions that have been installed. As a guide value, TecroStar structures can be considered to withstand a minimum use overload of 200 kg/m², and therefore the load of snow that a mezzanine can withstand outdoors is very high.

    The mezzanine can be installed as a canopy outdoors by installing the stability kit, contemplating the case of a complete obstruction when it is placed against a façade, or free if it allows air to pass through its lower part. A wind speed of 100 km/h is taken as a reference. The regulations of each locality must be consulted to check that these limits are not exceeded.

    Under no circumstances should the sides of the building be closed, as this implies greater horizontal forces that are not included in the calculation.

    The columns of the mezzanine must be fixed to a solid base that resists the actions transmitted by the mezzanine. TecroStar offers guidance as to the type of footing or foundation required under the columns, but it is the customer's responsibility to check the final strength of the terrain.

    When the mezzanine is required to be placed on a grass or soil type surface, some type of footing will be necessary. The modular foundation system shown below may be a good solution, although it is up to the client to check it through the technician responsible for the project


    Environmental conditions and performance of materials

    The metallic steel pieces are lacquered with paints suitable for exteriors, but it is to be expected that after some time the structure requires retouches of painting on small zones, like edges or corners that can present beginning of oxidation and loss of the brightness. It is recommended to polish these areas to remove the rust and then apply the paint. TecroStar structures have a thermosetting polyester polymerised powder coating, with a coating thickness between 60 and 80 microns.


    Corrosivity category C3 has been obtained, of low durability, when submitting the pieces to the tests, according to the criteria of the European Norm EN ISO 12944 of May 1998: "Protection of steel structures against corrosion by means of protective painting systems". Examples of typical environments for corrosivity category C3:

    • Interiors: Manufacturing premises with high humidity and some air pollution (e.g. food processing plants, laundries...).
    • Outdoor: Urban and industrial atmospheres, with moderate Sulphur dioxide pollution. Coastal areas with low salinity.


    The low durability of the lacquer covers a period of 2 to 5 years. The standard states that durability is NOT a "warranty period". Durability is a technical consideration that can help the owner establish a maintenance programme. That is, tests are performed for a specified number of hours under uniform conditions applied to smooth surfaces. The reality is that climatic and environmental conditions are very variable.


    The edges of steel parts are the parts most prone to corrosion and where rust first appears, in fact, these areas are not evaluated in salt spray tests, as the standard does not contemplate them.


    TecroStar does not advise the use of metallic parts painted in white for exteriors, since the appearance of rust is appreciated much earlier than in black. You can also choose a Corten paint, which offers an elegant look ideal for exteriors and whose performance is somewhat better than black.



    When the visual inspection indicates that paint retouching is required, careful attention should be paid to all edges or corners that may show signs of oxidation and loss of gloss. It is recommended to polish these areas to remove the rust and then apply the paint.


    If the mezzanine is to be installed outdoors in a marine or coastal environment, maintenance recommendations should be carried out more frequently, due to the corrosive power produced by the existence of salt and moisture. Try to control the oxidation process to avoid further deterioration. In this case, it is recommended to polish the affected areas to remove the rust and then apply the paint.


    The aluminium handrails of the rails do not require any special maintenance, as all of them are subjected to surface treatments that guarantee their outdoor performance (anodised silver, black lacquer or with a wood effect).


    The load-bearing floor of TecroStar mezzanines consists of structural plywood panels. It is intended for indoor use in a humid or protected outdoor environment in accordance with EN 636-1-S. The customer must apply a waterproofing paint or varnish to the exposed edges of the floor, which protects the surface and prevents water from penetrating into the tongue and groove joints of the panels and affecting the edges.


    Likewise, all wood pieces (steps, wooden strips, etc.) must be treated with some type of water-resistant paint or varnish to prevent moisture from penetrating and the material from cracking, and therefore losing its mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. 

    The wood pieces should also be maintained, checking that the applied surface protections (varnishes or paints) have not deteriorated, and treating them if necessary. 

    It is advisable to install the mezzanine with a slight slope to facilitate the evacuation of water and avoid its accumulation (approximately 2%). This difference in level can be achieved by installing leveling plates under the highest pillars of the structure.

    Mezzanine exterior

    Can the mezzanine be installed without columns or removing a column? Attached to walls

    No, our mezzanines are sold with columns by default. We cannot guarantee the resistance of walls or corbels and the customer will be responsible if the product is modified in these cases.

    Can I install the mezzanine in a sloped floor?

    Yes. Provided that the inclination is small, we can use a wedge under the mezzanine columns to level it. If the inclination is too small it might be not necessary at all and the slope might be imperceptible

    Can I install it in a room with trapezoidal or irregular walls?
    Yes, you can, because the structure does not need to be in total contact with the wall.

    You can adjust the structural floor, working around architectural barriers or irregular surfaces.

    When the walls are irregular or when you want to work around a fixed object, the decking can be finished off against the wall

    Adjustment from below:

    Adjustment from above:

    Can I install the mezzanine at a lower or higher height than indicated?

    It is possible at lower height but it requires to cut the columns and drill again though. At higher height is not possible. The cut of the columns can be done by the customer or you can order Tecrostar to do it upon request for a quote.

    Can it be installed as an extension to an existing mezzanine?

    Yes. This is quite common and the results are very good. The telescopic system of the columns enables the height to be adjusted every 12 cm, so in the worst case scenario you will have a 6cm difference.

    Can I install a mezzanine making modifications of it?

    You can make aesthetic modifications, but any structural modification non approved by Tecrostar will be under customer’s responsibility.

    Can the columns be installed moved to the corners?
    Yes. The columns can be moved to the corners up to ¼ of the total length of the structure. This feature allows you to work around the walls, switches or furniture you have on site without compromising safety.

    Can I add extra columns to distribute the weight?

    Yes, you can. However, the maximum load capacity will be unaffected.

    How is it installed?

    To install Tecrostar mezzanines you need 2 adults (they do not need to be DIY experts). It is recommendable to use personal safety equipment like gloves, boots, etc. in order to avoid accidents.

    When installing range L mezzanines you may need to use some type of scaffolding or ladder for working at heights and manual or electric lifting machinery to raise the primary beams, particularly if the structure is more than 3m high. The other ranges can be lifted easily by hand.

    You will need the following tools to install the mezzanines: tape measure, some type of spanner for m10 and m8 bolts and a screwdriver (an electric screwdriver will make the task much easier), spirit level, drill and a tool for cutting the panels (saw, jigsaw, circular saw, etc.)

    You can find all the tools required to assemble it and tested by Tecrostar in the tools section.

    All the models are installed by following these steps:

    Pre-assemble the structure on the floor in the desired area.

    Raise the outer structure to the desired height.

    Finish assembling the structure and floor.

    How long does it take to install?

    You can do it yourself with the help of a friend. It is easily installed in a few hours, depending on the product.

    TS8 Mezzanine: 3 hours with 2 people

    TM15 Mezzanine: 4 hours with 2 people

    TL30 Mezzanine: 5 hours with 3 people

    The times are a guideline and for assembly only. You need to add the time it takes to measure up, move the components to the location, clean up, etc.

    ¿Se puede contratar el servicio de instalación en mi vivienda? 

    En la mayoría de los casos sí es posible. Nosotros no realizamos ni instalaciones ni presupuestos, pero facilitamos el contacto de empresas de confianza para que el cliente se ponga en contacto con la misma.

    What is the delivery time?

    Once the payment is received, the dispatch time will be 5 working days. Once the product has left our facilities, the normal transit time is from 7 to 10 working days. The transport time varies greatly and is difficult to control due to many factors: Place of delivery, local holidays, customs, etc.

    If we cannot meet this delivery time, we will contact you.

    How is the product shipped and received?

    Mezzanines are shipped in boxes by an external company in a lorry with a tail lift that enables the box to be unloaded to the ground (at street level at the customer’s address).

    How is the package and what are its dimensions?

    Depending on your order you can receive different packages: One box for the mezzanines of the S and M ranges or two boxes for L mezzanines.

    Length: 239 cm

    Width: 112 cm

    Height: 54 cm

    The stairs can share the box with the mezzanines if they are purchased at the same time or you can have a separate box for the stairs. Check the stairs section.

    How do I get the product up to my home?

    Don't be alarmed by the total weight of the product, the components are light and manageable, so you can move them easily and take them up in the lift.  The heaviest components are the primary beams from the L range (39 kg), the rest of the ranges are considerably lighter (12kg).  The floor panels are very light and fit in any lift. No component is more than 2.4m long and therefore, fits in most lifts.

    Can I hire a service to take the material up to my home?

    In most cases, you can.

    Is it delivered in metropolitan areas such as Madrid/ Paris/London?


    ¿Tengo que pedir permiso de obra o licencia de obra para instalar mi altillo?

    No, nuestro producto es totalmente desmontable y reutilizable, por lo tanto, tiene consideración de BIEN MUEBLE.

    Las entreplantas para uso industrial no requieren la solicitud de Licencia de Obras para su instalación ni tampoco cumplir los límites de superficie máxima construida que experimenta el pabellón donde se instalan no puede catalogarse como construida por ser desmontables y por tanto, como bien mueble que son, tienen el mismo régimen jurídico que la maquinaría, las baldas y estanterías, los vehículos, etc

    What if the access to the delivery address is complicated? 

    Sometimes, the carrier cannot access to point of delivery due to an extremely narrow street or any other difficulty. In such cases, the carrier cannot do the delivery with the usual truck and he may need to use a different vehicle or extra support. If the carrier considers that the point of delivery is complicated, request a quotation. If you don’t inform in advance that the access is complicated, the delivery will be paralysed until you pay the extra cost.

    Characteristics of the materials

    Tecrostar products are manufactured with the most suitable materials for the proposed technical solutions, combining wood, steel and top quality aluminium.

    • The steels used for beams, columns and other components are fit for structural uses with a high yield strength (S235, S275 or S3555, as required). The pieces are manufactured using maximum precision laser cutting, folding and pressing processes. Next a powder coating is applied and they are baked in the oven, offering maximum adhesion and an outstanding finish.
    • Structure hardware grade 8.8
    • Anodized aluminium apt for outdoor use
    • The wood panels used for the mezzanine flooring can be made of European radiata pine plywood or high density structural chipboard. All the boards are tongue and groove on all four sides to prevent faults and unevenness at the joints of the modules.
    • Other wooden components, such as the steps and parts of the handrails, are made from top quality beech.

    TECRO has earned certification from the AEM, the federation of Spanish materials handling. We have also received a Gold Medal Award of Merit from the INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition), the top award for innovation at the largest Invention Exposition in the USA.

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More info

TS 8 Mezzanine with S ladder – The small space organiser

If you want to install the ladder inside the mezzanine, it is necessary to acquire the Beam for interior stairs S kit.

The TS 8 Mezzanine is a complete metal mezzanine designed to make the most of small spaces. Robust and easy to install without works or bricklaying, it is the ideal mezzanine for dividing rooms with high ceilings. It bears 200 kg/m² (kilograms per square meter) when it is totally extended, that is to say, 1,400 kg weight uniformly distributed all over the surface. Therefore, you could set up an entire bedroom or a workspace, turning the room into two in total safety.

The Mezzanine TS8 consists of an adjustable metallic mezzanine for any size, extensible from 3m² to 8 m².

Data sheet

Type of productFull Kits
Maximum height above the flooring board (cm)233
Minimum height above the flooring board (cm)160
Available heights above beams (cm)158, 171, 183, 195, 207, 219, 232
Beam height (cm)10
Height-adjustable every (cm)12,1
Width/Length-adjustable every (cm)10
Maximum length of the primary beam (cm)275
Minimum length of the primary beam (cm)155
Maximum length of the secondary beam (cm)257
Minimum length of the secondary beam (cm)147
Maximum area (m²)8
Minimum area (m²)3
Total maximum load (Kg)1400
Load capacity in its minimum extension (kg/m²)700
Load capacity in its maximum extension (kg/m²)200
Incline and shadow80º / The shadow of the stairs is 21% of the height.
Kind of stairsLadder
Material and finish of the structureStructural steel painted with powder coating
Material and finish of the handrailsAluminiun, Anodized painting / Black lacquered / Wood effect
Material and finish of the postsSteel painted with powder coating
Flooring materialEuropean Radiata pine plywood 18 mm thick
Net weight (Kg)220
Gross weight (Kg with packaging)252



Por el 10 Sept. 2020 (TS 8 Mezzanine with S ladder) :

Super Mezzanine de qualité, flexible, évolutive

J'ai cherché pendant plusieurs mois un produit adapté à mes besoins. N'étant pas un grand bricoleur j'ai d'abord demander des devis à des entreprises. Inaccessible !!! Je me suis résigné à abandonner mon projet de mezzanine dans mon box qui me permettait de stocker un volume important de choses et stationner mon véhicule en dessous. J'ai découvert TECROSTAR par internet. Je donne mon avis ici car ce sont les avis d'autres personnes qui ont motivé mon achat (on est toujours retissant au départ). Et bien je n'ai eu que des bonnes surprises depuis le début. D'abord l'accompagnement en Français dans le choix du matériel. On voit qu'on a à faire à des professionnels. Ensuite les délais de livraison courts et respectés. Le montage de la mezzanine super simple et avec des notices explicatives très claires (montage en 1 seule journée et seul). Enfin la qualité du produit et sa finition. Ca ne bouge pas, c'est beau et résistant. Je ne peux que recommander ce produit !!!

Por el 18 June 2019 (TS 8 Mezzanine with S ladder) :

pleine réussite

j'ai acheté la mezzanine TS8l, avec échelle et rambarde , livrée dans les délais annoncés, en bon état et complet.Le matériel est de très bonne qualité, y compris le plancher d'une qualité bien supérieure aux produits habituels des grandes surfaces de bricolage . La quincaillerie aussi, largement calculée . Le montage est assez facile, il faut bien lire la notice , et les notes, réfléchie à plusieurs, mais finalement tout est clair . Je l'ai placée dans une petite pièce encombrée par cumulus et machines , avec un toit en pente , de 3 sur 3 et grace à la souplesse des réglages, j'ai pu en tirer une plate forme de 200 sur 240, à 195 de hauteur , ce qui offrira un couchage d'appoint . La possibilité de déporter un des quatre pieds est particulièrement intéressante , on en met trois contre les murs , et le dernier au mieux . Attention, on le dépasse sur la poutre principale uniquement ! Je ne l'avais pas compris sur le plan . N'ayant pas la place du kit plate forme, j'ai copié l'idée , voir photo, et cela rend l'accès très facile, et j'ai fixé l'échelle avec les pièces du kit . La rambarde se fixe sans problème .
Deux remarques . Il faut bien réfléchir à l'ancrage murs et sol , ensuite plus rien ne bouge ! On y monte avec confiance.
la fixation du plancher à la structure peur être un peu améliorée. Il est proposé un grand nombre de vis , mais il faut alors percer un grand nombre de trous dans le métal des poutres secondaires...Je me suis contenté des 8 pièces spéciales fournies , à fixer avec la clé de 17 , cela ne bouge pas. Au lieu de 8 en mettre 40, et tout devient facile et rapide . Il faut aussi prévoir des petits calages pour rattraper les 2 mm de différence de niveau entre les parties coulissantes des poutres , rien de compliqué.
En résumé , c'est un très bon achat , je songe même à en monter une deuxième dans une chambre d'enfant !

Por el 05 Jan. 2019 (TS 8 Mezzanine with S ladder) :

Super matériel

Qualité irréprochable pour cette structure, tous les matériaux inspirent confiance et solidité. Le concept est très bien pensé et parfaitement réalisé, aucune mauvaise surprise lors du montage (qui procure même le plaisir d'un mécano "géant").

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Hello, I see that there is a minimum and maximum size (3m² to 8m²). Does the kit include everything to expand to 8m², or is the a separate expansion package? Also, do you do shipments to Canada? Thank you Omar
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Hi,Do you all deliver to the United States? If so, what is the cost of shipping?Thank you,Jaslyn
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Customer questions (2)

Hello, I see that there is a minimum and maximum size (3m² to 8m²). Does the kit include everything to expand to 8m², or is the a separate expansion package? Also, do you do shipments to Canada? Thank you Omar
Your Response has been successfully sent our team. Thanks for response!
Hi,Do you all deliver to the United States? If so, what is the cost of shipping?Thank you,Jaslyn
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