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From stair mats to edge coverings, wood varnishes and screw plugs, find everything you need to add a touch of style to your mezzanine.

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Flooring board edge cover

This accessory helps you to cover the edges of your Tecrostar mezzanine flooring boards (S, M and L ranges) and contributes to improve the aesthetics of the structure. It is particularly indicated to cover the cuts of the perimeter boards, that may have irregularities in some occasions.

Price 2.00 €
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50 Bolt Caps

It consists of 50 curved bolt caps made of plastic to cover the bolts and nuts of the mezzanine. They are easily placed and get well fixed.

Price 7.00 €
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50 Hole Plugs

It consists of 50 domed blanking plugs made of plastic to plug unused holes in the beams of the mezzanine. They snap into the holes easily providing a snug fit. Domed blanking plugs are available in black or white.

Price 2.00 €
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Tecrostar Anti-fingerprint cleaner

Keeps metal parts free of fingerprints and dirt. Spray the product directly and rub the surface off with a clean cloth.

It is recommended for the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum and other metals.

It´s a special cleaner for our beams.

It contains 500 ml.

Regular price 13.00 € Price 9.75 €
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Battens Kit For False Ceiling

It consists of softwood (MDF) battens that are thin and light, with 50x15mm rectangular section and 2m length that allows an easy installation of any kind of false ceiling.

The battens should be installed against the direction of the mezzanine beams and leave a gap between them of 0.5m. They should be fixed to the beams using the included self-drilling screws. Sometimes the battens may need to be cut with a saw to fit the dimensions of the mezzanine.

Price 40.00 €
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