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Adapter for Accessories in Primary Beam XL

This connector is used to adapt the accessories to the primary beam of the Mezzanine XL. Thanks to this piece, the elements that are added to the mezzanine are fixed with greater solidity. The adapter can be used to include both the railing posts as well as to join the stairs and the stair landing to the primary beam.

Price 12.00 €
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Plywood flooring boards

Plywood board with tongue-and-groove joints in its four sides. It used as the bearing floor of Tecrostar mezzanines, installing it perpendicular to the secondary beams.

Price 126.00 €
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Primary Beam TM 15 / TM 7

The M Primary Beam consists of an interior beam and an exterior one. It features every needed screw.
  • Minimum length: 225cm, maximun length: 415cm
  • Beam height: 20cm
Price 216.00 €
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Secondary Beam TS 5

The secondary beam consists of an inner and an outer purlin. It includes the necessary hardware to join the two parts together.

To achieve a solid connection between the secondary beam and the primary beam, you will need two connectors. Since this beam is compatible with various structures, make sure you purchase the specific connector for your mezzanine by consulting the correspondence table.



TS 5

Connector S

Price 45.00 €
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