Social Responsibility

We embrace sustainable practices, adopting a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach.

Our Factory and Offices

We have created a space that is efficient in terms of production, pleasant and respectful of the rural environment surrounding us.

Aware of the importance of the balance between work and well-being, our factory and offices are surrounded by large green spaces and trees.

As a driver of positive change, our company collaborates with the local community by supporting educational, sporting and cultural projects..

TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project

Design and Product

At TecroStar, our product design and manufacturing philosophy focuses on durability and quality.

We are proud to say that our products come with solid warranties, so you can rest assured that they will remain functional over time and not become obsolete

The products stand out for their functionality; they are a safe investment. With our telescopic system, you can give them new life; reuse them, relocate them or adjust them according to what you need at any given time. This unique flexibility ensures that every TecroStar solution evolves with you, offering lasting and versatile value.

Sustainability and quality

At Tecrostar, we combine sustainability with quality at every stage of our production process.

The traceability of the materials that make up our products is fully assured. Each material used is environmentally certified, backed by quality management systems that guarantee the origin and responsible transformation of the raw material.

These come from FSC and/or PEFC certified sustainable forests in Spain. In addition, we use materials with low formaldehyde emissions, ensuring minimal impact on air quality and meeting our environmental responsibility standards.

100% recyclable. These materials, at the end of their useful life, can be processed and reincorporated into the production cycle without losing their essential properties.

Many of them are made from recycled material and sustainable wood. In addition, we comply with packaging waste management regulations, marking our boxes in accordance with Directive 94/62/EC.

Our welding processes have been considerably improved by using robotic welding, which has enabled us to optimise the consumables used on the seams and increase the quality and homogeneity of the finished product.

From our factory in Villalobar de La Rioja, Spain, we work with local suppliers, who comply with the quality standards established by European regulations.

The proximity of our factory to our suppliers strengthens local ties and contributes to a responsible supply chain. This approach benefits community development by creating jobs and stimulating local activity while reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods over long distances.

TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
TecroPro Custom Project
Palet con entreplanta
Lijar palet
Pintar palet
Atornillar ruedas
Cama en habitación
Cama en habitación

Reuse and Recycling

This philosophy guides our every step towards a greener future.

From durable product design to recycling programmes, we take a proactive approach to sustainability.

We actively encourage our customers to give packaging a second life. Every box has the potential to be part of a new chapter, albeit as creative storage, gift packaging or any other use that you can imagine.

Innovation in Our Manuals

All our manuals are printed using Epson's Heat-free technology.

In our constant commitment to improving processes and reduce our environmental impact, we chose this printing technique that reduces power consumption by more than 80%, minimising the carbon footprint and environmental impact of each page.

The main benefits of using this technique to print Tecrostar manuals are:

  • - Energy efficiency. As it does not need to warm up, Heat-free Technology significantly reduces consumption. This enables us to reduce power consumption and minimise the environmental footprint.

  • - Sustainability.. Our printers use parts that are less prone to failure. This results in more reliable and efficient printing, providing high quality manuals without generating waste.

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