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Mezzanine TS 8

The ideal option to double the available space in rooms and any other location. Turn your stay into a comfortable duplex easily and without works.

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Mezzanine TM 15

Telescopic metallic mezzanine. It is ideal to double the space of your living room, offices, rooms, studios, playrooms, garages, lofts,…. Whatever your space is, we have a solution for you.

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Mezzanine TL 30

Metallic structure with wooden floor, without construction work or bricklaying. A large, strong, robust mezzanine that adapts to homes, businesses and offices. Can be combined with any Tecrostar stairs or accessories.

Reducing the measurements of the mezzanine, the load capacity increases. Not suitable for pallet-truck circulation due to the point load they trans.

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Mezzanine TL 35

'The biggest mezzanine', that's how TL 35 is defined. This is the Tecrostar product that can develop more surface: 35m². This metallic mezzanine and wooden floors, but could also be used in homes. The TL 35 can be adjusted in all three dimensions (length, height and width). Like the other types of mezzanine, the structure TL 35 permits various combinations of stairs and accessories.

Load capacity from 200 kg per square meter considering the maximum dimensions of the mezzanine. Reducing the measurements of the mezzanine, the load capacity increases. Not suitable for pallet-truck circulation due to the point load they trans.

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Standard Stairs

The standard stairs are height-adjustable to access Tecrostar structures. They can also be used independently in other places, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.
These stairs can be set up inside the mezzanine, using the beam for interior stairs, to increase the usable space and to avoid its extension beyond the mezzanine. 

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Straight Stairs

The Straight stairs are height-adjustable stairs suitable for access to the frame structure. They can also be used in other places, thanks to the very versatile anchorage system.

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Modular railing with three posts fabricated with top quality materials, becoming the perfect accessory to provide extra safety. Intuitive installation, just to be fitted to the mezzanine.

80cm high and up to 200cm long.

Price 119.00 €

Safety pallet gate

The Safety Pallet Gate, also known as Anti-fall tilting barrier, is a collective security and protection element. Its use is mandatory according to the labour risk prevention regulations. It avoids the people falling while lifting loads to a mezzanine or to any other level.

It works as a rocker: the merchandise is deposited in a position using a forklift and taken away in the other position from inside the mezzanine. This way, one of the railing sides is always closed, avoiding falling to a different level with no need to use harness.

The dimensions of the maximum load to deposit and the dimensions of the gate itself depend on the model, as shown in the main image.

Do you need a special width? Contact us if you need a safety pallet gate with customized width.

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Mezzanine with M straight stairs TM 15

The Mezzanine TM 15 is a complete multipurpose mezzanine designed to maximize all types of surfaces and spaces.  A simple, versatile and safe tailored mezzanine that adapts to all needs, without a complicated assembly process.

Install your own mezzanine in offices, garages and get two multifunctional heights, both at home and business.

The Tecrostar TM 15 kit includes everything you need to install your own metal mezzanine without works:

Mezzanine TM 15

Straight Stairs M

Railing M

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Mezzanine with L standard stairs TL 30

It makes the most of big spaces. The full Mezzanine TL 30 creates spaces up to 29m² and has a load bearing capacity up to 5800kg. Its excellent finishes make it the ideal mezzanine for converting an industrial space into an elegant and versatile professional space.

You can install the metal mezzanine TL 30 yourself without construction works, and start using it instantly, as the full TL30 kit comes with all the accessories.

Mezzanine TL 30 kit

L Standard Stairs

L Railing with safety skirting board

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Industrial Mezzanine Kit TXL 32

This metallic and removable mezzanine allows the storage of heavy loads (for example, pallets up to 500 kg, racks, stackers, safety gates and more useful elements) and enables the movement of hand pallet trucks on it. Its assembly is easy and there is no need of works.

Learn more about our innovative industrial range.

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(4,9/5) on 1 rating(s)

Industrial Mezzanine TXL 32

The TXL32 is a metallic and removable mezzanine that allows the stock of heavy loads. Its greatest advantage is that you can acquire it no waiting for quotes, measurements and technical drawings.

Learn more about our innovative industrial range.

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Railing with safety skirting board

The Railing is a modular railing, 110cm high and up to two meters long, which can be installed in any Tecrostar mezzanine belonging to M, L or XL ranges.

Easy to install and safe. The Railing L kit includes steel posts, handrail, intermediary aluminium bar and safety skirting board 15cm high, tube stoppers and screws.

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