With the Tecrostar mezzanine, not only do you get more space but that space is yours forever! It is an investment that will stay with you forever. If you move, no problem, as you can take the mezzanine with you.

And, if at some point you no longer need it, you can dismantle it and sell it as if it were part of the decoration of your house!

The magic lies in its telescopic elements, such as beams and columns, which enable it to adapt to any space with incredible ease. In other words, you can change the height, width and surface of the mezzanine at any time.

You can adapt the mezzanine to any space thanks to its telescopic and modular design. It also allows for a variety of uses. For example, you can build a loft in your home, create a loft bed to maximise space in a child's room, extend a garage to create a storage area or even build a first floor in a commercial space.

In our shop you will discover a world of possibilities to complete your mezzanine. Easy-access stairs, handrails for extra safety and style, lamps and other accessories.

And if you ever need more space, you can add as many extensions as you want to your initial mezzanine.

Competitively priced, our steel structures add value to your home or business. Investing in a Tecrostar mezzanine is a safe bet that does not lose value over time.

TecroStar products guarantee strength and load-bearing capacity. Our calculations are made according to the standard with a safety coefficient of 1.5. More than 10,000 Tecrostar mezzanines sold vouch for us.

At TecroStar, mezzanines, stairs and handrails are designed according to the most important European standards, which are those that set the general safety criteria that are later adopted by the various countries. In particular, the Eurocodes establish safety factors, types of materials, calculation methods, etc., and are widely accepted as the most comprehensive standards, even outside the EU.

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We use high quality materials to guarantee durability and strength. The metals and woods used are suitable for structural use, as required by the strictest construction standards.

The steel parts are laser-cut, which removes sharp edges and painted using an electrostatic process, which creates an even and resistant coating..

All Tecrostar mezzanines are made entirely in our factory in Spain..

All you will need for installing a Tecrostar will be a spanner or ratchet spanner, a wood cutting machine, a drill and a screwdriver.

With your order you will receive a step-by-step manual with illustrations for a hassle-free assembly. Hey, if you have any questions, we are here for you! You can call us and we will help you in any way we can.

Installation is clean and safe. There is no need to weld, cut steel or paint; all you have to do is dispose of the packaging. So, you can enjoy your new mezzanine quickly and easily.

All the pieces are easy to handle, measuring less than 2.4 metres, so they fit easily into a lift. Forget about huge pieces that don't fit through doors or leave marks on walls. Handling is so easy that some of our customers have even told us that they have assembled their mezzanine with their children.

At Tecrostar, our commitment goes beyond providing you with the best mezzanine. We are here to offer you free advice on everything you need, both now and in the future. Whether by email, phone, chat or WhatsApp..., our team is available to answer your questionsV and make sure you find the perfect solution.

All our products are backed by patents. This means that we guarantee you unique, top high quality solutions that have been legally recognised and protected.

By using high yield steels, the parts are lighter. This enables us to optimise the strength-to-weight ratio of the mezzanines and mezzanine floors. This enables the creation of a lightweight structure with an impressive load-bearing capacity - it can withstand up to six times its weight without compromising strength!

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