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Post Brexit buying guide

If you are a UK citizen and you want to buy a Tecrostar product, pay attention to the following information:

After the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, both the product reception time and its price are slightly altered. However, you will receive your order without major impact after formalizing it normally.

What aspects change regarding billing?

Now you have to assume a small charge of 40€ (35,42 pounds approximately) for export documentation at customs.

This documentation is applicable from 1st January 2021. The import taxes, around 50€ (44,08 pounds approximately), are not included. For orders over 1000 € the export documentation charges will be assumed by Tecro.

What about the shipping?

Tecro prepares the order and it leaves our facilities within 6 working days. Our transport company will contact you to inform you about the delivery date. As well as the requirement of the custom fees and the  VAT that has not been paid before (20%) that can be deductible if you are a company. To make the import, you will need an Economic Operators Registration and Identification, EORI. 

Once the customs clearance is already made, you will receive your Tecrostar order at home. After the assembly, you can enjoy your extra space.

Can my order be held at customs?

The products do not leave customs until the documentation is correct. The retention under customs depends on several aspects defined and established by the UK government. The estimation of the deadlines mentioned to each customer are based on objective criteria relying on practical experience.

What if the customer does not pay the pertinent VAT?

If the client does not pay for the taxes, the transport company will return the Tecrostar products to our facilities. After receiving them, our company will calculate the charges related to the packing and shipping of the product and will inform the client to pay for said quantity.

What documents are required for this process?

Economic Operators Registration and Identification, EORI. It is compulsory for both companies and individuals.

In summary.

Total extra Charge: 40€ (35,42 pounds approximately) of export documentation.

Import charges: around 50€ (44,08 pounds approximately)

Total time of expedition: 6 days.

For orders over 1000€ the export documentation charges will be assumed by Tecro.

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