• How to build your own mezzanine - Tecrostar
    Publicado el:11/29/2021 14:43:29

    We are going to learn how to make a mezzanine without works or special tools easily and safety.

  • New Showroom in Hong Kong
    Publicado el:11/02/2021 14:51:10

    Our distributors in Hong Kong surprised us a few days ago with a new showroom in the Home21 store of the MegaBox shopping center.

  • Virtues of Tecrostar System
    Publicado el:08/12/2021 08:25:24

    How is Tecrostar system different from other structure models? The chance of transforming the space easily, in an elegant way, using extensible and reusable mezzanines.

  • Five ways to use a mezzanine
    Publicado el:08/03/2021 09:52:27

    Do you want to take advantage of your height? Let’s talk about the mezzanines today. They are structures designed to raise a new floor that maximizes the available space.

  • 3 ways to take advantage of your space
    Publicado el:07/12/2021 13:09:25

    You’ve probably come to this blog because you want to redesign a room and are searching for ideas to better distribute the space. You’re in the right place!